A introduction of spiritual nursing care and spirituality

Limitations There are some limitations associated with the study: The power of effective attendance is reinforced and improved by good communication. Data were collected from 16 patients hospitalized in internal medicine-surgery wards and 6 nurses in the respective wards.

Comfort as a basic need in hospitalized patients in Iran: Statements of patients indicate that they need verbal communication and expect more from nurses, compared to other personnel of hospital. A Phenomenological Research Design Illustrated. Table 1 Open in a separate window Hopefulness It is sometimes neglected that the aim of establishing a hospital and collecting the medical and care team is the patient.

Table 1 displays the total number of hospitals in Jordan, the number of hospitals in each sector, the total number of beds, and the number of registered nurses.

In a similar way to Tuck et al.

Spiritual care in hospitalized patients

Discussion In the current study, patients expressed their spiritual needs as hopefulness, comprehensive relations, and performing religious practices.

Table 2 shows the demographic data of the participants who were involved in the study. Resolving the problems which disturb these issues will sustain the spiritual need of the patient.

Give you hand for someone to hold on to! We made nondirective open interview so that the participants could state their experiences as narration.

This could be due to lack of knowledge of the definition of spirituality and spiritual care. Performing religious practices Sincere and practical belief of Muslims in God as well as performing divine practices leads to complete comfort in individuals, especially in patients.

Some of these conversations are difficult for nurses and are accompanied by serious feelings such as nervousness, sadness, the problems caused by diseases which threaten the life, or family problems.

Therefore, communication and being respondent are a kind of care which shows that the medical team are responsible when confronting the patients. This variance was between participants from private and governmental health care sectors.

Of the participating nurses, Spiritual care as a way to “restore wholeness” and promote health and well being of patients in all dimensions of their being. Spirituality in nursing focuses on holistic healing. Nursing, healing and spirituality 97 Nightingale's (/) premise that healing comes from within the individual as a natural func- tion and that nurses are to facilitate that process is just as relevant for spiritual care as it is for physical care.

five spiritual care interventions appropriate to nursing: “listening to the patient express key concerns; praying with the patient; reading favorite portions of reli.

INTRODUCTION T he close ties between spiritual motivations and the nursing field are demonstrated These questions are all central to the discussion of spirituality and nursing care in the health care context, and will be discussed in this white paper.

DEFINITIONS Within. Nov 20,  · Researchers have recently come to the point that the real and complete health care is possible through being sensitive to patients’ spiritual needs. 1 Holistic nursing believes in the relationships among body, mind, and spirit. Nursing therefore requires considering all of these dimensions and the relationships among them.

Spirituality and spiritual care from a Careful Nursing perspective Introduction In the nursing profession, as in society at large, the spirituality and spiritual care in nursing in a now diverse and predominantly secular global society (LaneBurnardBradshawVan Dover &.

A introduction of spiritual nursing care and spirituality
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